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From initial technological advantages to business success Why did this technology work so well?

A range of initial distinctive features stand out, starting from its ability to search automatically for all possible variations of a given word, making search more accurate.

Volozh himself was not able to devote himself completely to his startup before March 2000, just before closing the first round of financing.

It was only then that he made the decision to leave Comp Tek’s thriving hardware distribution business.

This sum was a critical to enabling the team to continue developing their search technology.

When Volozh and Segalovich discovered the Internet and specifically the Alta Vista search engine, they immediately understood the huge opportunity and began to develop their own Internet search engine.

This allowed Yandex to beat Rambler, which dominated in the search market in Russia in 1990s.” When Yandex was officially launched as a search website in late 1997, its technology also included features quite advanced for the time such as algorithms checking for document uniqueness (excluding copies in different coding), relevance evaluation taking into account word occurrence frequency in a given document and the first ability to conduct search queries in natural language.

In these years of the final crisis of the planned Soviet economy, which were also the first years of economic freedom, almost everyone in the country tried their hand at trading something.Yandex technology offered for ,000 “In the beginning, we thought we would become a technology provider to other companies,” recalled Volozh in a 2007 interview.“We proposed our technology to Rambler, whose technology did not treat Russian language, and to Infoart, for example.Had not Sergey Brin emigrated with his family to the United States at the age of 6, his destiny might have perhaps resembled those of Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich, the Russian mathematicians who founded Yandex.Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Volozh and Segalovich were rather typical representatives of their generation of gifted mathematicians formed by the Soviet system of scientific excellence.

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