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As I stared, a figure broke off from the background of feminine flesh. She was wearing a sheer dress of gossamer thin, see-through silk that hid absolutely nothing. She was a delight that made my mouth water in anticipation, seemingly slender and voluptuous at the same time. “It harkens back to the legends of antiquity, where rooms full of beautiful goddess-like women lay in repose, waiting for their masters to take their pleasure from them, willing to do anything to please the masculine gods that owned them like so many dogs brought to heel... Several long minutes of hard fucking and I came, spewing my seed. “That was the assfucking my eldest always deserved.” Pushing Emmanuelle against the side of the pool, I hissed to her. Seconds later, her warm mouth embraced my deflating manhood and brought it back to life. “Oh, yes, my sweet.” Enya kissed me while her mother sucked away.

The girl, Gillian, has yet to go through the training regimen...” “I’m sure, Satine. “I’m afraid that it will take some minutes to track them down and prepare them. “I thought that you two might be out here,” Enya’s voice came from behind us.

“Well, I love her all the time, but in the way you mean... “Say it,” I demanded, as my cock continued to plunge in and out of the blonde. Tina quickly kissed her, lapping my come from the redhead’s jaw. I entered beside the Commodore and my mouth fell open in surprise.

” Hand clamped around her windpipe, I could feel her moan and nod. I gave it to Tessa, spraying her lips and lower face. Then to me: “This way, Evan.” “I hope that Devon and my girls are permitted inside,” I queried. “Any clothed woman inside is considered out of bounds unless and until her master decides she’s not.” I gestured to my girls and they followed, somewhat reluctantly. My cock plowed hard into Emmanuelle’s mouth, pressed past the entrance to her throat and she had me all the way in.

“I’m looking for some and I don’t know much about them.” “Well,” the girl asked, “what’s her coloring and complexion? A large metal spit was inserted into Satine’s anus. I felt a wisp of air and Emmanuelle was there, beside me.

“The show is beginning.” Past him, I could see the girls being prepared for roasting. Evan is quite the kisser.” I smiled at the brunette.

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