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Such proportions will be found in the standard English lexica, too. X-words tend to the tongue-twisting, and we steer clear. Whether implying exoticism, taboo, or technological progress, X is still capable of giving us pause.

Hard-wired to acknowledge the letter as an exception, we experience it as a small but arresting exclamation.

In 1860 or so, the police secured a violent arrestee "on the letter X".

A contemporary explained that "two constables firmly grasp the collar with one hand, the captive's arm being drawn down and the hand forced backwards over the holding arms.

It may be coincidence that xenophobia, fear of foreigners, is one of English's few X-words, but it is also conveniently symbolic.

For X, until relatively recently, has almost invariably been allied to difference, even danger.

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Though, in a gentler mode, X remains the only shorthand for kiss.

Such forms, with their compounds, make for a high proportion of the dictionary's still tiny list of X-entries, but let us be honest: are such words as xanthomelanous (having black hair and yellow/olive skin), xenurine (a species of armadillo), xerotripsis (dry friction), xiphophyllus (with sword-shaped leaves) or xyloidine (an explosive similar to gun cotton) tripping off the popular tongue?

As an initial letter it is less than easy for English-speaking tongues to get around.

But initial X is still hardly a major linguistic player.

My own slang database reports a mere 30 terms at this letter, whereas the monstrous S offers 12,000, and B scores 9,850.

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