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See list of upcoming CMNM events on Eventbrite: Check out the London CMNM Group via Los Angeles M4M Strip Poker Group's Parties happen semi-regularly.See info on right --- More ideas or info is included on my Blog, at my Homoerotic Antics Tribe , or at my Just Us Boys (blog) is a list of more possible CMNM events, some held, all not yet decided or scheduled, but with your help they will be.NEW YORK POST December 29, 2006 -- "ANIMAL House" boosted the careers of most of its young stars like John Belushi (Bluto), Kevin Bacon (Chip), Karen Allen (Katy), Tim Matheson (Otter), Tom Hulce (Pinto) and Stephen Furst (Flounder). "[She] wound up in some home for [bleeped]-up young girls . I’m sure whoever is waiting for you will still be there.” The tears that had welled up in this woman’s beautiful blue eyes were suddenly gone and she was now smiling.But one of the brightest, Sarah Holcomb - who at 18 played the mayor's virginal 13-year-old daughter who passes out half-naked in the slovenly Delta frat house - tragically fell off the map. She fell into what, for lack of a better term, you would have to call bad company. The extreme mood swings she had exhibited in this short conversation were amazing, and I began to have doubts about her mental health.

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Part of me had wanted to tell her about our mutual friend from the mental hospital, but then I thought it best to respect her privacy.As Chris Miller, who co-wrote the screenplay of the 1978 comedy classic and penned the new book "The Real Animal House," relates to mrskin.com: "She was young, younger than the rest of us. She climbed into the front seat of my Honda Civic, and I began to wonder if my ride offer was such a great Idea. If I had a cell phone at the time, I would have let her make a call, but this was about 18 years ago, BC (before cell phones). I drive through Westport on my way home, I’ll make a little detour and drop you off at the train station.I am told she is now living a quiet, obscure life far from the madness of Hollywood under an assumed name and does not wish to be found.Chula Vista (CA) Arlington (TX) Oklahoma City (OK) Las Vegas (NV) Pittsburgh (PA) Laredo (TX) Charlotte (NC) Cincinnati (OH) Mesa (AZ) Wichita (KS) Los Angeles (CA) Tucson (AZ) Jacksonville (FL) Madison (WI) Long Beach (CA) Phoenix (AZ) Modesto (CA) Jersey City (NJ) Kansas City (MO) Columbus (OH) Crofton (KY) Wellington (UT) Folsom (LA) Hallam (NE) Strafford (NH) Hillsville (VA) Charleston (SC) Greenup (KY) Moody (AL) Courtland (MS) Suttons Bay (MI) Cibecue (AZ) Ault (CO) Elrama (PA) Fulton (SD) Powell Butte (OR) Medicine Lake (MT) Newton (AL) San Juan (PR) Marydel (DE) Illinois state Michigan state Virginia state New Jersey state Arizona state Alabama state New Mexico state Pennsylvania state Online dating is one of the most common ways of finding love.

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