Wow intimidating shout focus macro

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To help add items and spells to your /select macros, search:keywords are usable in place of an item or spell name.These search through your bags and spellbooks to fill the flyout with items and spells that match the keyword(s).You can also embed the /select within a larger macro.For mages: /focus [@focus,noexists][@focus,dead][mod:alt] /select [@focus,exists][] Polymorph, Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Rabbit), Polymorph(Black Cat) This is a standard focus-sheep macro.- If you gain an item or spell that wasn't available as you entered combat, that item or spell won't be in the flyout until you leave combat. A: If you want certain items to list before others, add them manually.

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Your Bloodthurst is your primary attack, but you’re capable of crushing your enemy’s armor with a Colossus Smash, smacking them with both your weapons via Raging Blow, or Ao Eing them with Cleave and Whirlwind.

But if you want to add it to your land mounts you can add it manually: /select tyrael's charger, mount:land Q: Can you make the popout menu align to the action/macro button? The secure methods to get the menu working in combat prohibits anchoring willy nilly.

If you have any suggestions, comments or bugs to report, feel free to post them in comments here. If an item or spell isn’t available on a character used in a Select list the button tooltip is appended with the whole list.

They come from this awesome keybinding program that sets up the keybindings & does a lot of other awesome things...

This addon adds the /select macro command you can use instead of /use or /cast to use an item or spell among a list.

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