World accommodating movements

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However, even in its folklore tradition, there are some telling signs in the physical nature of a typical Chinese dragon – it has a long undulating body but it’s not creepy like those of snakes, more like the great wall, wide and accommodating enough for one to ride or walk on it ; it can bring rain but it doesn’t emanate fire, hence it’s not a threat to humans, unlike the western dragons which breathe fire and are to be slaughtered.

To quote Stephen Skinner (The Living Earth Manual of Feng-shui: 982: Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd) “ Feng –shui (wind and water) ‘ together express the power of the flowing elements on the surface of the natural environment and through the earth.

Man is not superior to either heaven or earth but is more like a mediator to harmonize the two spheres; hence the idea of the Middle Way.

Throughout the ages, the dragon has evolved to become part of a normal creature in Chinese folklore, reducing the true spiritual and the ethereal essence of dragons to the symbolic world of a bright and jolly mythical creature representing human aspirations for the positive things in life such as power, joy, benevolence, success and celebration, especially during the new year.

In the wisdom of the Chinese sages, neither heaven nor earth is isolated and complete in itself, but it is left to man to be the mediator between the two.

“ The classic role of the mediator,” (to maintain the flow of energy) “ like all Chinese philosophical systems, is to avoid conflict at all cost.” (S Skinner: The Living Earth Manual of Feng-shui: RKP ; 1995 ) Taking Skinner’s quote into our current historical context, we might have some hopes of peace by getting feng-shui experts or dragon-men to make divinations for warlords and in war zones, modify the personalities and structures of the landscapes to generate good energy flow and transform static metallic and fiery elements stirring conflicts with the softer elements of flowing wind and water.

In the eyes of the ancient sages, wars are zones of dead energy blocks and signs of human failure.

Hosting Trumph, Xi had initiated a subject of profundity related to history and culture, which was lost to Trump’s one liner surface response.

by Anne Teoh for the Saker Blog What’s implied in Xi’s description of ‘continuous’ and ‘dragon’ from the Xi-Trump’s conversation in Tian An Men.

Today, it’s generally acknowledged that China is a continuous civilization.

( as in The Dance of the Wu Li Masters : Gary Zukav : Fontana Paperbacks : 1980 ) Since the Zhou period about 3,500 BC years ago, dragon lines are believed to exist deep in the veins of the earth externally, just as it exists in the veins of human bodies along the meridian lines internally – as described in acupuncture.

Hence, pre-Han Chinese viewed humans as microcosms of the heavenly macrocosm.

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