Who us jennifer love hewitt dating

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People's source declined to confirm how the two met or when they began dating.A rep for Hewitt had no comment on the possible relationship.And when they aren't together, they're constantly on the phone ...

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Hewitt and Asher may have met on the set of "The Ghost Whisperer" when he taped a guest appearance for an upcoming episode earlier this year.She was the daughter of Harry and Lizzie Hewitt, and lived at No.7 with her family until Lizzie's tragic death in 1959.Lucille was sent to an orphanage but returned home when Harry married Concepta Riley, an arrangement which lasted until 1964 when the Hewitts moved to Ireland and Lucille, refusing to go with the, moved into the Rovers Return Inn, where she was looked after by Jack and Annie Walker.You might not recall this role, because, well, the film was a straight-to-DVD release.Clearly Brian's had an upward career trajectory since then.

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