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From there, the tenacious X unleashed his 1996 debut, .

Considered by many to be an underground rap classic, it arguably made him the breakout star of the Likwit collective.

Featuring Los Angeles-area aftermarket shop West Coast Customs, “MTV Pimp My Ride” selects young, automotively challenged Southern Californians and transforms their rust buckets into triumphs.

For many young adults, getting the insurance or finance to fix up their cars can be difficult and taking out a car loan is often no an option.

There are many famous people and artists that have appeared on Empire, so at first we thought that Xzibit’s role would be a brief one.

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Fans were introduced to Xzibit’s character, Shyne Johnson, in the back half of Season 2.

This entails giving him an invite to Hakeem’s wedding, but Shyne shows up to the wedding drunk and causes a scene.

Now Shyne didn’t strike us as the brightest crayon in the box, but more of Shyne’s identity is set to be revealed in Empire Season 3.

Xzibit has seen some of the highest highs Hip-Hop could possibly offer.

That notion is quite literal and as well as metaphorical.

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