Who is missy higgins dating

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She’s shared the events on Instagram story now, assuring us that she’s “fine”.The performance actually didn’t even end up going ahead.” The inspiration for returning to music came when Missy was asked to play as part of Lilith Fair in 2010.Missy said performing for and interacting with fans changed her perspective on what she had thought was a more “selfish pursuit.” “Sarah Mc Lachlan invited me on her tour, the Lilith Fair tour and yeah, at that time I hadn’t played in years and I was kind of pretty skeptical about it.“It kind of ruined my love of music and my instrument started to give me anxiety and it just all became too much.So I just walked away from music and after doing a lot of talking with my family and friends, I realized I had to quit indefinitely and if I made my way back to music I wanted it to be without any pressure or without any stress and happen completely naturally, which is what happened.So when she came out with this summer, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. “I guess I had always said I wanted to take a big break after that album,” Missy told me, “but then when it got time for me to, I guess, take a break, I’d reached a level of success in America that was pretty great and I guess my record company all thought that if I was to release another album soon after, that I could capitalize on that success and I could maybe take my success to the next level.And I just felt, I don’t know, I felt a bit of pressure there, so I think I wanted to maintain what I had over here so I tried to write but it just didn’t work.

She had to wait for inspiration to come naturally, but is now back in fine form.“Trying to reach every single person in such ginormous venues made me really up my game.I thought ‘Oh gosh, I don’t know if I can do this.’ But my manager kind of convinced me to do it and when I got over there and started playing again, I really just immediately fell back in love with music and as soon as I got out on stage I just felt so at home and that really inspired me again,” she said.“And also talking to my fans after the shows was really humbling as well.Higgins is currently recording and judging by the reaction of tonight’s crowd, there’s a strong appetite for her new material. She regularly seeks his opinion on new music, and returns the favour by critiquing his plays.“I really trust his opinion.

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