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Holy Week (March/April), with processions and scenes from the Passion. Moors and Christians (2nd fortnight of July), in honour of Saint James, with parades of comparsas (mock warrior companies), sieges of the castle, fireworks and the re-enactment of the legend of 'Encantà.

There's also the feast in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary.

Of note is the Iberian settlement of Cabezo Lucero, where an example of Iberian art, La Dama de Guardamar (The Lady of Guardamar) was found dating from the 4th century BC.

Dating from the Arab domination, the archaeological site of Rábita Califal, a group of mosques.

Guardamar (full name Guardamar del Segura) offers everything you need for a holiday in Spain.

As you go through this website you'll get a flavour of what's on offer.

The first settlers in the Town of Orchard Park arrived in October of 1803 and founded what would become a sizable settlement of Quakers.here to go Go down to the beach at Guardamar and walk along the front, at lunch times and in the evenings this area and the surrounding streets are a hive of activity, with many busy cafes, restaurants and bars. You will find a very large street market every Wednesday morning, just behind the main Church. For more details on the fiestas in Guardamar, click here fiestas in Guardamar.: (N 42.70012 / W 78.75255) Directions: Take I90 to US Route 219 and follow it south for 11 miles. The Late Devonian Period and its muddy and organic-rich shallow oceans deposited the shale rock layers that are responsible for the gas deposits that power the flame.The concentration of salt and warm temperatures, combine to endow Guardamar and nearby areas with a particularly healthy micro-climate, recommended by doctors for its beneficial properties.Bathing in the salt lagoons is also becoming popular for many medicinal reasons.

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