Who is lil romeo dating

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"I've been through a lot in the ghetto and I wanted to tell my side of the story," says Master P. I've seen a lot of smart kids die in the ghetto." It was all part of Master P's master plan: "I definitely didn't want my kids to go through what I had gone through."He started selling music out of the trunk of his car from place to place.

"I wanted to let my anger go on the music that I had. Several months, hundreds of towns, and thousands of miles later, his album went gold. In less than 10 years, this young father from the projects found himself on the cover of Fortune magazine.

"You know, I mean, anything is better than what we had." Having made their millions in music, rap's first father-and-son team is now making movies. It's a competitive world, but you gotta think big." "We're gonna be billionaires in about the next eight years," says Lil' Romeo.

Lil' Romeo plays the lead role in their new film, "Uncle P." Dad is executive producer and co-star. Despite their extraordinary wealth, despite the flash and flesh often associated with the rap lifestyle, Master P and his wife, Sonya, live a traditional, even conservative, life.

But their story began 2,000 miles away, in the crime-ridden Calliope housing projects of New Orleans.

48 Hours Investigates asked Lil' Romeo and his dad to take us back to Calliope.

"I mean, I have girls chasing' him everywhere he goes.""You know, I'm always teaching that the way you gonna build the muscles in your brain, you gotta read," adds Romeo's father, who promises to slam the brakes on his son's career if he doesn't do well in school. I had 13 A's this semester and one B ," says Lil' Romeo.

they’ve gone on a couple of dates.” However, a source close to Gomez, told Gossip Cop that there’s “no truth” to this “ridiculous story" and that Selena is just spending the holidays at home with her family. Maria was born and raised in Dominican Republic, where she began her career in journalism covering human interest stories, entertainment, beauty and wellness for a national magazine.Even in his wildest dreams, 14-year-old Percy Romeo Miller III never imagined a life like this. Like Martin Luther King said, 'Have a dream,'" says Lil' Romeo, a pint-sized, platinum-selling, hip-hop superstar.In just two years, Lil' Romeo has sold an astonishing 20 million CDs. This eighth grader stars in movies, cartoons and even runs a clothing company.Master P, just 34, is now reportedly worth over 0 million.He did it by starting a record label and retaining the rights to all of his master recordings - something most performers just don't do."It's a blessing, I'm just thankful," says Master P.

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