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Then, although they got the shape of it right, the colour was wrong - almost completely white.

They took me in to see Oliver Stone and he just said: 'For God's sake: he looks ridiculous.'"Finally, after administering prosthetic likenesses of the former PM's elfin ears, a single darkened tooth in the middle of his lower set and blue contact lenses "because he's got those beautiful, piercing blue eyes," producers managed to achieve a certain likeness."As the part is a small one, it was important that I should be instantly, physically recogniseable as Blair.

He admits that the pressures of being the sole breadwinner and having to fund their four-year-old girl Ella’s schooling have also started to mount up.

And the couple had their second child, Elsie, in September.

The pair moved to Hollywood where Gruffudd swiftly won a role in the big-budget superhero film The Fantastic Four.

Moving to LA, where he and his beautiful wife, Francophile actress Alice Evans, have lived for the past five years, doesn't appear to have thinned his character in the way it has for so many exports.

So I gave him a Blair-style answer, very neutral, very diplomatic, and that was half the test.

Physically, of course, I was thinking 'this could be a bit of a stretch.'" Gruffudd is not being immodest - his physique does that for him - but this last remark is a laughable understatement.

For she is ‘absolutely appalled’ that the proposed route of the controversial £50 billion HS2 rail plan, which aims to link London with the Midlands and the North, will cut a swathe through the London enclave she has lived in for 50 years.

Indeed, along with other celebrities such as TV presenter Mary Portas who live on or near one of the capital’s prettiest squares in Primrose Hill, she is up in arms about the possibility that some of the area’s properties could be seized under compulsory purchase orders.

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