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Four years later, the magazine rolled out its first US edition, billing itself as a raunchier alternative to Heffner's Playboy.

In its heyday, Penthouse's circulation routinely surpassed 5 million copies a month, earning its publisher a spot on the Forbes 400 ranking of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of 0million in 1982.

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Kendra added, "I hate putting my hand out, but we couldn't have jobs other than getting appearance fees.Cerny created her self-titled You Tube channel on October 9th, 2011 and it has quickly found popularity with more than 1.2 million subscribers and 43 million views on her channel as of December, 2016.The uploads are light hearted videos about a wide range of lifestyle issues such as relationships and staying in shape.Cerny believes her eating style in combination with a comprehensive exercise regime is what allows her to maintain a desirable figure.She has a sister named Samantha who sometimes makes appearances in posts on social media platforms.

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