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He continued to mention his girlfriend in other interview sessions because he was playing tour guide to her, her mother and a friend from ESPN.Last Thursday he took them for a quick drive-by of Jefferson Park, the course that he grew up playing.Just see for yourself (in chronological order): To [email protected] Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at PM Subject remove my picture Hi, just was looking online and would ask that you remove my picture with fred at Augusta.I am julie that dated him for over 14 months and it’s hard enough to move forward with my life, let alone see this online. thanks From Me: Hi Julie, Sorry to hear that, but I’m afraid I have no idea what picture you’re talking about? Sent via Black Berry by AT&T From Me: Yeah, I have a website that covers golf.

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During the Champions Tour in 2010, he was given the Byron Nelson Award.I knew he had a girlfriend last year whose name was Julie (public knowledge), but I didn’t know her last name and don’t recall ever mentioning her (I searched my archives).Couples showed up at Sahalee last week with his new lady friend.Throughout his entire professional golf career, he has won 15 PGA Tours, 3 European Tours, and 8 Champions Tour.In 19, Couples was a recipient of the Byron Nelson Award and Vardon Trophy, and was named as the PGA Tour Player of the Year.

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