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Over the weekend, Bill Hader hosted "Saturday Night Live" and brought his much-beloved character Stefon back to "Weekend Update." During his usual recommendations for seriously unusual night clubs in "New New York," Stefon name-dropped MTV's Dan Cortese multiple times.

This caused Twitter to explode with #Dan Cortese and #Partied With Dan Cortese.

tru TV hired me to host Guinness World Records Unleashed 13.

Don’t give books as gifts, I give wine & and Olive Garden gift card. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Jerry thinks otherwise and tells her Tony is a mimbo (a male bimbo) with nothing to offer her but his good looks.

Tony was played by Dan Cortese and appeared in the season five episode, "The Stall".

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He suggested the two go rock-climbing instead and George accepted. Play Twister with Guinness World Records Unleashed Trophy Girl Kelly Turner 15. Let’s just say, I definitely wouldn’t cook the bunny.But Cortese took the light-hearted diss in good humor, tweeting his appreciation for the callout.With his toothy grin, bandanas, and muscle shirts, Cortese was a bro before bros became a thing.

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