Who is brenda song currently dating

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I thought it was about losing your love, someone you've built up into almost an obsession and then they start slipping away.

At least that's what I thought it was about when it came out and it was exactly how I felt about my boyfriend at the time (I'm a woman, btw).

The various lines of 'Oh no I've said to much' is him setting up a situation to confess, regretting it, then wanting to go on.'I thought that I saw you laughing' he is pleading to the people who expect him to do well to take it easy. M are better than Nirvana, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains or any other 90's band, THEY RULE!

I've always wondered about the meaning of this song; I ONLY comprehended when I questioned MY religion and realized we were being lied to for about 5,000 years. I have heard this song is about unrequited love and all that, but i relate to it more as being friends with someone who is depressed.Set It Up has some interesting definitions such as: to claim onese If to be (to be gay?), and to place in view (maybe he did just come out or thinks he may have?"But that was just a dream, thats me in the corner" they often find it impossible to show feelings and find themselves in their own world.The song is about the painful process ofgoing through therapy.

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