Who is axel rose dating

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Beta is most certainly the most important woman in Axl's life.

His former assistant was Colleen Combs, who Beta replaced.

By mid 1991, Rose became involved with model Stephanie Seymour.

"I've been hit by a Mack truck and the license plate said 'Seymour'." Accounts state that Rose was crazy about Seymour, and considered her to be the one.

He will have sex with a blonde and those he has been involved with are bleached blondes who are natural brunettes.

He and Beta do fight sometimes as all families do, but she seems to be the only woman who knows how to deal with him.Seymour and Rose parted ways in 1993, and Axl fell into a deep depression. The charges were dropped eventually, but for a while we had to go into hiding. What has been considered Axl's strangest relationship is the one he has with his personal assistant, Elizabeth "Beta" Leibas, a Brazilian immigrant and mother of three (Vanessa, Alex, and Fernando). When Stephanie left Axl, she fired Beta out of spite.One of Axl's early girlfriends claimed Axl raped her. We had undercover cops and the vice squad looking for us. It kind of settled my hormones for a while." He has a habit of getting involved with women who are addicted to alcohol or cocaine. Axl hired Beta because he felt sorry for her and they have been together ever since, 17 years now--the longest relationship he's had with anyone except for his siblings, Del James, and Dizzy Reed.Gina, Barbi, Michelle, Savannah, Stephanie, Sophie and Miss Universe Tara Connor were all cocaine addicts. A few months later, Tara admitted to alcohol and cocaine addiction and entered into rehab to prevent from losing her crown. She lives with him and travels on tour with him acting as assistant, manager, and interpreter for shows held in Portuguese or Spanish speaking countries.Erin was drunk when Steven shot her up with a speedball (cocaine/heroin mix). She was seen briefly with Dylan during the November Rain documentary and featured in the Estranged video.

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