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He told Refinery29: “There is truly no better feeling then being a father and seeing the look on my daughters’ faces and…and how they look up to me…if I lost everything in my career, if Backstreet said no and we were done tomorrow, I would still be happy and satisfied being a proud father, period.

And I am so thankful that I did not have boys.” He adds: “I will also go on record by saying, and I told my wife this, I hope that both of my daughters are gay because that takes all p***s out of my life — I do not want to deal with boys ever.

Gotta love it.” A Dutch TV show will back in 2014 featured its first ever same-sex marriage, as well as the Backstreet Boys.

Good Times, Bad Times (Goede tijden, slechte tijden), the RTL 4 series, saw gay couple Lucas Sanders and Menno Kuiper get married.

“I saw him out one night and said I wanted to kill him, but I said, ‘Let’s get a beer.'” “I think boy band fights are in the same realm as hockey fights.

You fight when you’re on TV, but then when you’re not, you get a beer together. We can't believe all of this is only coming out now!

For example, Chris and BSB's AJ Mc Lean dated the same girl at one point.

“I wanted to punch AJ's lights out for a little while.

Kevin brought along his 9-year-old son, Mason, and they all gathered on the red carpet for pictures.But according to Joey, it was just “friendly competition” and not so much a rivalry like we all thought. We just thought we needed to be the best,” he said.“To them, there was, because they came out and we came out, and they’re like, ‘Man, we have to be better than them!I was dating a girl, I broke up with her and he started dating her.And I guess he was talking smack to her about me, so I confronted him on it and wanted to kick his ass,” Chris recalled, adding that he doesn't remember how it all got resolved.

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