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‘mad’ people cannot function properly in society, or can sometimes be violent), and this again will perpetuate the view that people with mental health problems are different and should be treated with caution.

psychiatrists, mental health nurses) regularly hold strong stigmatizing beliefs about mental health themselves! As a consequence, attention has turned towards some methods identified in the social psychology literature for improving inter-group relations and reducing prejudice (Brown, 2010).In the UK, the campaign is one of the biggest programmes attempting to address mental health stigma and is supported by both charities and mental health service providers (This programme provides blogs, videos, TV advertisments, and promotional events to help raise awareness of mental health stigma and the detrimental affect this has on mental health sufferers.Mental health stigma is even widespread in the medical profession, at least in part because it is given a low priority during the training of physicians and GPs (Wallace, 2010). : The social stigma associated with mental health problems almost certainly has multiple causes.Throughout history people with mental health problems have been treated differently, excluded and even brutalized.

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