Ways of accommodating the physically challenged

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Individuals with a motor disability sometimes use a service animal, which is usually trained to respond to unique commands.

Other accommodations may be implemented based on the individual needs of each student as recommended by your campus Disability Services Office or other professionals.Whatever the case, there are important questions to ask to figure out how to best suit your needs: Travel through the exterior of your home and each room of your house with these questions in mind.Consider the most extreme situations when deciding what changes should be made; if you have little trouble reaching high shelves most days but your joints tend to get sore with damp weather, plan to make adjustments to accommodate those tough days.Ideally, ramps and pathways are slightly textured to reduce water accumulation and increase traction for shoes, walkers, and wheelchairs.(If your area is prone to snow, keep ice melt handy during the season.) Light-motion sensors have excellent benefits: they ensure a well-lit pathway, cut down on energy costs by only activating when needed, and even act as a level of home security since potential thieves won’t appreciate a sudden spotlight.

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