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The next week, our minister got up and gave a sermon about having "itching ears" and going around looking for stuff against the church!I was so new in the church and I was embarrassed because I knew he was talking about me in an indirect way.Many members still have a problem with this shooting spree, but they don't talk about it.

The strange thing here is that, about 10 years ago, I tried to warn WCG that there was a greater likelihood of this sort of thing happening, and that precautions should be taken. --Former WCG member My Gut Feeling About Ratzmann: March 14, 2005 I was talking to a friend about Geraldo's comment about Roderick Meredith saying things about Ratzmann on a tape, and I thought that sounded suspicious.

From what I have heard, the LCG does not want its members associating with other WCG offshoot members like the United Church of God or the Philadelphia Church of God and now even family members who do not believe the same way.

I was at a LCG Passover service once and a man there got chewed out right before Passover service while everyone was coming in--right in the entrance way--for visiting another splinter (it was a split of Victor Kubic's brother's church).

I bet they are one of the churches of God." About 30 minutes later I checked the news again, and they mentioned the Living Church of God. I even wanted to call the police department in Wisconsin and tell them about Meredith. I want Meredith to be exposed and to get enough people looking at the news to prevent them from going into this awful group!

--Former WCG member WCG Minister said he Never Heard of a Shooting in a Church Before: March 14, 2005 Seeing as Terry Ratzmann targeted the minister, his wife and son sounds like a pretty good indicator he was about to be dissed.

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