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Coincidentally, there was another shooter at the range shooting his brand-new BODYGUARD 380, using PPU ammo from the same case as mine. A Smith & Wesson Airweight equipped with an aftermarket laser will shoot rings around and look better than the BODYGUARD 38 for a small premium. BODYGUARD 380 SPECIFICATIONS Model: Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD® 380 Caliber: .380 Magazine capacity: 6 rounds Materials: Polymer frame, stainless steel slide with Melonite® Finish Weight empty: 11.85 ounces Barrel Length: 2.75″ Overall length: 5.25″ Sights: Stainless steel front and drift adjustable rear, integrated Insight laser.

Better still, a shooter could buy a 442, forget the laser, save some money and shoot the hell out the gun. Action: Hammer fired, double action only Finish: Matte black Price: 9 msrp BODYGUARD 380 RATINGS (out of five stars) Style * * * * Fit and finish are first-rate.

The revolver’s made of several materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

Yet every surface of the gun screams “plastic” (even if it isn’t).

Thanks to the enormous surge in concealed carry weapon licenses, the Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD series is a major league hit.

The BODYGUARD 38s thumb-operated ambidextrous cylinder release latch (atop the frame and the laser affixed to the right side) is especially disconcerting.

It stacks noticeably just before the sear trips, a flaw that it seems to share with almost every other S&W pistol recently fired.

Reliability zero – * * * * * This pistol has second strike capability, and boy did I need it.

Ergonomics (carry) * * * * * It’s tiny, light and fits easily in a pocket, purse, IWB holster, jock strap or garter belt.

If it had a lanyard ring, it could be hung from a gold chain and worn like a necklace. Ergonomics (firing) * * * * The grip is comfortable and even has room for all three fingers including the pinkie. The trigger is too heavy by 50%, but its smooth enough.

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