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Or do you leave that vital piece of information out and then have the trouble of deciding when to tell your new love of your life that you can’t actually speak?

If I’m being honest, I’ve tried it both ways with varying results.

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The ability to hide behind a screen and only let other people see certain parts of you was definitely what the internet was invented for! Do you reveal you have a disability in your profile and hope that people wouldn’t be put off by it?However, I’m as ugly as both the chuckle brothers put together, so I’m at a disadvantage already.The only matches I get on Tinder are with people too stupid to know their left from their right, or with totally blind people.And I don’t mean the one in Tesco - I mean the one in the great big dating supermarket of life.The one where the most desirable people have already been taken, the cheapest have been used and brought back for a refund, and the rest of us just sit there like Tesco own brand red sauce: not as tasty and hardly ever picked up.

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