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Army Winchester Military Bayonet United States, Dated 19 U. Army Winchester military bayonet, nice Winchester stamped blade. Lot: 175 - WWII Winchester M1 Carbine Rifle United States,1940s Serial number 5744712 Lot: 176 - WWII M1 Winchester Garand Rifle United Sates,1943 Serial number 1625724. Lot: 647 - WWII Japanese Leather Belts- Navy Soft Belt Japan,1938 - 1945 WWII Japanese leather belts with a Navy soft belt with anchor insignia. Pathfinders , Airborne Rangers, Vietnamese Marines and Mali crested beret. Military Issue Purple Heart Medals United States,1941 - 1946 WWII U. Military issue Purple Heart medals are all cased in WWII period cases, none are numbered or named. Martini Henry & Enfield Spike Bayonets Lot: 777 - German 1854 & 1870 Spike Bayonets 3 German,1854 - 1870 Three German 1854 & 1870 Spike Bayonets Lot: 778 - Silver Coin Buttons (9) and Other Coins Great Britain, Asian, France,1900 - 1937 WWI to WWII Era Silver Coin Buttons (9). Army Winchester Military Bayonet United States, Dated 19 U. Army Winchester military bayonet, nicely marked by Winchester. Lot: 174 - Henry Kolb Baby Hammerless Pistol United States,1897 - 1916 Numbered C12 (under grip) 22cal rim fire. Lot: 646 - Korean-Vietnam War Period Dress Parade Ascots Bibs United States,1950 - 1975 Seven Korean-Vietnam War period dress parade ascots bib scarfs, four camouflage and two units ID'd, The Yellow Cavalry Scarf is Vietnam era. Lot: 659 - Vietnam War Berets & Jungle Hats w/ Insignia Vietnam,1960 -1975 Vietnam War berets & jungle hats w/ Insignia. Military Air Medal "Coffin" Issue Cases United States,1941 - 1947 Sixty Two WWII U. Military Air Medal "Coffin" Issue Cases, all appear to be issued During WWII or just after Lot: 770 - WWII U. Military Purple Heart "Coffin" Cases 21 United States,1932 - 1946 Lot of Twenty One WWII U. Military Purple Heart "Coffin" Cases (19) and (2) DFC Case Lot: 771 - WWII - Korean War Issued Cased Medals (5) United States,1941 - 1954 Five WWII - Korean War issued Cased Medals DFC, (2) Air medals, soldiers medal and Air Force Merit Medal. Lot: 772 - WWII Named Purple Hearts & Bronze Star Medals 6 United States,1941 - 1946 Six WWII Named Purple Hearts & Bronze Star Medals All are named and in WWII Coffin type boxes Lot: 773 - WWII Numbered Purple Hearts & Silver Star Medals United States,1941 - 1945 WWII Numbered Purple Hearts (2) & Two Numbered Silver Star Medals (1) with case, also lotted with this is an early Air Medal with Three Oak Leaf Clusters Lot: 774 - Chinese 1904 "Silver Dragon" Silver Coins (17) China,1904 Seventeen Chinese "Silver Dragon" Silver Coins Lot: 775 - A Purported Civil War Confederate Pike United States,1840 -1865 This is Purportedly a Civil War Confederate pike. It fits some criteria to the designs and dimensions of the Richmond Arsenal. Martini & Enfield Spike Bayonets 8 Great Britain,19thc Eight English 19th C. Lot: 31 - Baretta Mod.35 1944 Pistol w/ Nazi Marked Holster Italy,1944 Baretta Mod.35 1944 pistol w/ Nazi marked holster, 32cal., serial number 559857, plastic black grips, issued leather holster with Nazi stamp on the inside. Navy MK2 Combat Fighting Knife by Utica United States,1943 WWII U. Lot: 145 - WWII Trench Art Shell Planes, Bullets CBI Others World,1941 45 A nice collection of (8) art work, some identified. A 7th Armored Medical Unit ashtray, a nice shipboard made Submarine. Airborne Trench Art with Wings Lt Col Pin France,1944-1945 A nice Trench Art shell, the Wings, Lt Colonel pin, Army Crest and English Penny are all attached to the side. Lot: 148 - Purple Heart Medal Type 1A Low Serial Number United States,1932 A nice early serial number "6981" named on the back to recipient, with ribbon. The sheaths all look hand made, one has a name and skull and crossbones. Army Camouflage Combat Jungle Pack United States,1942 - 1944 WWII U. Army camouflage combat jungle pack , no maker mark found. Lot: 612 - WWII Japanese Late War Tunic with Wood Buttons Japan,1945 WWII Japanese late war tunic with wood buttons possibly never issued, Nicely stamped on the inside. Serial number 289861, matching numbers, considered an Iraqi copy. Lot: 143 - WWI Trench Art Shell 1st Air Service Mechanics Rg France,1918 A great shell, nice work with wings and Lorraine Cross "Alsase 1914-1918 Lorraine" Lot: 144 - WWI Trench Art Cigarette Ash Trays and Other Items France,1818 WWI Trench Art cigarette ash trays and other items. Lot: 149 - WWI Bullet Trench Art Letter Openers (25) France,1914 - 1918 A nice and large collection of WWI letter openers, most are bullets, some have uniform button decoration from both Allied and Axis units, some dedicated to loved ones and some identified by location or battle. Lot: 150 - WWII Theater Made Side and Combat Knives Theater Made,1940 45 5 nicely made knives. Blades look to be re-purposed from other knives and some are fabricated in theater. Army Camouflage Combat Jungle Pack United States,1943 WWII U. Lot: 610 - WWII Japanese Rubber Chemical Warfare Coveralls Japan,1938 - 1945 WWII Japanese rubber chemical warfare coveralls, gloves, boot covers. Lot: 611 - WWII Japanese M90 Tunic China Campaign Japan,1935 - 1937 WWII Japanese M90 tunic China campaign for superior private, nicely stamped on the inside. 1984 Land Rover Series 3 Diesel With Galvanised Chassis We purchased this car in May 2015 as a bit of a project, at the back end of that year it had a new galvanised chassis fitted together with 4 new leaf springs, new fuel tank, new brake lines, new clutch kit and slave cylinder, tow bar electrics, new battery and alternator and 4 new tyres. 1976 Tax & MOT Exempt Series 3 Land Rover Station Wagon 1976 Series 3 109" Station Wagon 2.25 Petrol Runs and drives with great sounding engine. Chassis is pretty good as is the bulkhead Doors not so good. UK registered (Historic Vehicle - nil duty) Soon to be MOT Exempt Recorded ..... It has had a number of owners since new of which a majority have owned the vehicle for long periods of time. First Registered 4th June 1973 this is an early Series .....

It has had all the welding required by a previous owner. 1983 Landrover Lightweight concours Series 3 Lightweight that has undergone a complete nut and bolt rebuild .

Land Rover Series 3 88" 1973 Pastel Green Softop Refurbished PLN 635L 1973 Land Rover Series 3 Soft Top Refurbished PLN has only covered 70,000 miles from new.

One of the nicest rifles we've seen, made in May, 1943 Lot: 177 - WWII Japanese Carbine Rifle Japan,1938 - 45 Serial number 00104554, with full Mon and leather sling. Lot: 648 - WWII Japanese Pouches and Tarp (5) Japan,1938 - 1945 WWII Japanese pouches including a message pouch, long Navy canvas sack, a pouch with location written in English on where it was captured, and a Leather tipped rubberized tarp. Army M1952A Body Armor Flak Vest United States,1952 Korean War U. Lot: 660 - Vietnam War Black Veterans Jackets Vietnam,1964 - 1975 Vietnam War Black Veterans jackets, most look to be made in Vietnam with embroidered maps and sayings. Lot: 735 - Custom 375 Magnum Rifle Attributed Lee Helgeland United States,1990 - 2010 A Custom 375 Magnum Rifle Attributed to Lee Helgeland. Stylized Monogram incised stamp "HL", Checkered grip, European style cheek rest, Buffalo horn grip cap. Military Medals United States,1941 1975 WWII - Vietnam Period issue U. Military medals all are loose without the box almost all are WWII issue. Lotted with an assortment of fantasy coins and Chinese coins.

Lot: 30 - Browning Hi Power 9mm Pistol Iraq,1991 Browning Hi Power 9mm pistol. Lot: 124 - WWI German Trench Made & Novelty Lighter German,1918 A nice and unusual collection of (8) lighters, a form of Trench Art often unseen. France,1918 A wonderful Shell with An operational Battle being the Argonne Forest , A nicely rendered Iron Cross and the Soldier Name and Unit on the lower part of the shell Machine Gun Battalion 91st Div. The scarf or "Senninbari" is hand embroidered with a tiger and fixed with coins sewn into the design.

Serial Number 110520, all matching numbers, wood grips. Lot: 123 - WWI German Trench Made Match Holders Germany,1914-1918 "GOT MIT UNS" belt buckle cutouts to 4 of the match holders, (1) with Buttona and two bullets with a worn copper coin back, (1) with "BREST" Coat of Arms. Marine Corps Dog Tags 1917 -1950 United States,1917 1950 A nice and hard to find collection of (27) mostly WWI Marine Corps soldier dog tags. S Army & Navy Dog Tags 1917-1950 United Sates,1917 - 1950 (20) U. Army and Navy dog tags, one set accompanied with a State of Vermont Certificate of Service. Lot: 142 - Exceptional WWI Trench Art Shell ID'd 91st Div. Lot: 608 - WWII Japanese Binoculars (2) Japan,1938 - 1945 (2) Sets of WWII Japanese binoculars, (1) in its original case, Tokyo marked. Lot: 609 - WWII Japanese 1000 Stitch Scarf & Navy Marked Bags Japan,1938 - 1945 WWII Japanese 1000 stitch scarf and Navy marked personal effects bags.

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