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As such they seldom represent the pinnacle of the knifemakers craft, but.

Trials with long bayonet for Swedish Mauser m1896 In connection with the adaption of a bayonet for the carbine several bayonets with longer blades were tested.

There were two bayonets intended for the 9414 carbine.

Knife bayonet m1915 for m carbine, Royal Swedish The Swedish Mauser Rifles. It is the carbine and the short length makes it very easy for a smaller person to hold steady.

The Swedish Mauser Rifles Ebook download as PDF File (.

All Swedish Mausers, bayonet frog with original storage oil on the blade. Bayonets are often crude, simple knives designed for cheap mass production.

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German WWII Mauser K98 Dress Bayonet Scabbard Blade in excellent.

Per Holmbacks homepage dedicated to Scandinavian bayonets. Markings on Swedish Bayonets The table is in Swedish.This long bayonet was designed to compensate for the carbines.M1909 Republica Argentina INTERNATIONAL BAYONET MARKINGS R A.The three bayonets on the left are identical except for the frogs.Mauser carbine: (the Swedish version of the German Heckler and Koch G3 rifle) Bayonet Identification Identify Bayonets and Related from the United States and Modelo Argentino 1891 Mauser Sword Bayonet Swedish Model 1914 Carbine Bayonet Swedish Model 1914 Carbine Bayonet for the Swedish Mauser Identification.

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