Vanessa simmons dating mike wayans

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Vanessa made or found her popularity since 2005 to 2009 with own family's MTV reality show "Run's House." Simmons and her sister, Angela Simmons, are designers for the shoe brand ' Pastry.' She appears briefly in the soap opera TV program ' Guiding Light' and held a role in the movie ' Speed Dating' as well.

This lady secretly and surprisingly entered the Miss California USA pageant in 2008.

Simmons also is in Boogie Town and the ensemble movie ' Dysfunctional Friends' and she also appeared in the 2014 web series, Mixed.

While she also came to be the presenter and judge of the "Project Runway: Threads" in 2014.

Also her uncle is Russell Simmons, the hip hop mogul.

Her father and mother had two other kids, apart from Vanessa, Angela and Jo Jo, but Vanessa was their eldest daughter. Her father then fell in love with another woman, Justine, and together they had three children. On the other hand, they are so close on the personal level.

She has an attractive figure with a perfect body shaped and also cute body figures as well, so by this, she attracts many male fan followers.

Vanessa is in a dating relationship with Michael Wayans, who is the son of the comedian Damon Wayans.

The pairs first met in New York and later they have begun a relationship with a friend, but as the time progress, there was something more than friendship.

Moreover, Vanessa Simmons and relation were also heard, at that time its written that she dumped Michael.

Later on, her relationship was cleared when she authenticated the daddy of her daughter.

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