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When the Turks attacked and captured the castle in 1462, Vlad escaped via a secret passageway leading north through the mountains.Although the castle was used for many years after Vlad's death in 1476, it was eventually abandoned again in the first half of the 16th century and left to the ravages of time and weather.

For more information about Bram Stocker's Dracula Novel please visit Although he never traveled to Romania, Stoker crammed his book with descriptions of many real locations that can still be visited in present-day Romania.It was issued on September 20, 1459 and signed by Prince Vlad Tepes.Next to the palace stands the Old Court Church (), dating from 1559 and considered the oldest in Bucharest.In 1888, a major landslide brought down a portion of the castle which crashed into the river far below.The castle underwent repairs and the remnants of its walls and towers stand to this day.

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