Validating documents

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Xerces is widely considered the best open-source XML parser and is used in many enterprise servers.The Oxygen Validation Scenarios are very powerful and solve numerous important issues when working with XML markup and XML-related technologies.Suppose that you have a set of XML instance documents and you want to change their schema while ensuring that they are still valid.

Thus, the current file is validated in the context of its Master File.Fortunately, Oxygen provides functions that make error identification fast and easy.Oxygen integrates the latest version of the Xerces-J XML parser to validate documents against XML Schemas.The error locations are also marked in red on the right side of the editing view, in an overview ruler that allows you to quickly navigate between the errors.Oxygen has built-in support for various external validation engines, including Xerces, LIBXML, XSV, Saxon SA, MSXML4.0, MSXML . In addition to these engines that are pre-configured, you can also add your own custom validation engine.

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