Updating xml in sql server

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Listing 1 shows how to enable Trace Flag 1204, for a short term, at the server-level (specified by the -1 argument) so that all subsequent statements run with this Trace Flag enabled.

Multiple processes persistently blocking each other, in an irresolvable state, will eventually result in a halt to processing inside the database engine.

Alternatively, Trace Flags can be turned on automatically, using the -T startup parameter.

To add a startup parameter to SQL Server, right-click on the Server Node in Enterprise Manager and open the Server Properties page.

It captures and presents the information in a manner that makes it much easier to identify the deadlock victim, as well as the resources and processes involved in the deadlock (covered in detail in the section).

Trace Flag 1204 is still available, for backwards compatibility reasons, but when using Trace Flags to capture deadlock graphs in SQL Server 2005 or later, you should always use Trace Flag 1222 in preference to Trace Flag 1204.

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