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XML schemas are created and stored outside of Eclipse.

However, they can also be created using the XML Schema Editor.

As part of your XQuery Mapper installation, a sample project containing default schema is provided.

For more information about the Sample Project, see XQuery Mapper Sample Project. It provides schema and XML files that you can use tto create XQuery transformations as described in Examples: Manipulating and Constraining Data Using XQuery.

Before importing files into Eclipse, it is recommended that you create a folder directory structure that meets your business needs.

The following list provides examples: After creating links between source data and target data, an XQuery file is generated to represent the relationship.

For an example, see Creating a Transformation Between a Repeating Source and Non-Repeating Target.

This section describes how to insert calls to functions into a query using the Target Expression tab.

To learn about the XQuery language supported with XQuery Mapper, see the following URL: The XQuery code is displayed. If desired, you can delete all the XQuery code in the Source view of the XQ file by removing all the XQuery source code inside the function, except the root element, and recreating your links in the Design view.

The Constraints tab of the XQuery Mapper allows you to constrain or manipulate the relationship between source and target repeating elements.

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