Updating windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6

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Before installing Visual Studio 2008 you may want to install .NET Framework 3.5 by going to the Control Panel then selecting "Programs" "Turn Windows features on or off".Before deploying the application for testing you will need to start your device emulator and cradle it so that it can use the Windows Mobile Device Center as a means to connect to the Internet or your network.In order to do so in Visual Studio 2008 Click on "Tools" then "Device Emulator Manager...".Your device should display a message that it is setting up a DMA connection to your Windows Mobile Device Center.You will now need to open the Windows Mobile Device Center window and either set up the device or connect without setting up the device.When downloading and installing the SDK and DTK be sure to select the proper files either the Professional or Standard versions depending on the platform you wish to target for development.Open a smart device project in Visual Studio 2008 which requires network access which is ready to be debugged.

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However If you would like to obtain a project to use for testing you can check out Ping NG which is available on code.

You will now need to install Microsoft's Windows Mobile Device Center specific to the architecture of your operating system either 32bit or 64bit.

The Windows Mobile Device Center will allow you to cradle your emulated and/or physical devices in order to allow network access if your application requires it.

Once you have done this your application will be compiled, sent to the mobile device emulator, and then executed.

You should now see your application running in the mobile device emulator and access to your network and\or the Internet should be available as well for your application to use.

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