Updating usb 1 0 to 2 0

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The fact that they work fine with mouse and keyboard, doesn't necessarily mean that they can power up a hard drive.

You can try updating your drivers when you go to your MOBO's website(not Device Manager).

If these two does not work, then I guess you need to just borrow an external USB 3.0 drive from somebody and attach it to your system.

In case the drive behaves the same way, then I guess there may be something wrong with the port.

On the usb 2.0 port, The light blinks, I think this tells that the device is readable?

I dont have any other usb 3.0 HDD that I might be able to plug in to check if the port is the problem, Neither do I have any other laptop/PC that has a usb 3.0 port...

The USB to DB9 provides a connection between an available USB port and the more traditional RS-232 serial port found on many devices.

Now there was a sec power surge and the same thing is happening again on the 2nd port!

About the drive, I would say that you can test it with WD's Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool.

The results should tell you if there is something wrong with the drive.

Something simple as just changing the USB cable will not hurt.

Again, you can attach it to another system that supports USB 3.0 and see whether the issues you are facing are drive or USB port/driver related. id=Z3Z2y N Let me know how this goes, D_Know_WD Hi there Hashir Zahid, Sorry that you are facing some issues with your WD drive.

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