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A migration guide for JSW users has therefore been implemented. Detailed description of the YAJSWconfiguration properties is found here.Properties can be defined in: - command line attributes - Wrapped Local Configuration()Property() - java system properties (example -Dwrapper.config=conf\wrapper.conf, or Property("wrapper.config", "conf\wrapper.conf") ) - in file - as operating system environment variables (example for win32: set wrapper.java=c:\java\jdk1.5\bin\java.exe) Properties are searched in this order.Thus setting configuration in system properties will override the OS environment.NOTE: In case of cascading wrapper applications, there are cases where system properties of the wrapper should not be used by the wrapped application, when starting sub processes.

Good example of this is having to open a new command prompt window after adding a PATH (yes, I've been tripped up by this).Currently the project does not support mailing lists nor does it support a source code repository. NOTE Windows vista, 7, etc: : runs only with java version prior to 6_17 or higher than 7_0. NOTE: It is recommended to run the wrapper with java 7.NOTE: If you are having issues displaying the system tray icon on ubuntu unity NOTE: as of release 12.02 java 1.6 is required NOTE: raspberry pi: after invocation of install Daemon.sh: execute: "sudo update-rc.d defaults", otherwise the service is not started automatically on boot.Whilst I don't have enough of a reputation to comment on the highest voted answer to this question, I would like to state that it is not exactly correct.I know this because no matter which workaround I tried in this post, nothing actually worked.

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