Updating the fourteenth amendment

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The Social Security number (SSN) is thought of as such an identifier.Technically it is not because people may have more than one number or more than one person may have the same number.A pet owner can be assured that the chances of recovering a lost animal are greatly increased.At the pound, a stray can quickly be scanned, and, if it has a microchip, the animal's owner can be identified.In conjunction, Governor Wilson has suggested that "all legal California residents carry a tamper-proof identity card."However, opponents have intimated that the use of the system would not solve the problem but would worsen the situation by forcing the undocumented workers "into the underground market and into more dangerous or less secure jobs." These are steps towards creation of a worker verification database.

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updating the fourteenth amendment-4

Aside from the difficulties involved with the assignment of a reference number for each individual, other concerns came to light when a system for country-wide identification purposes was proposed in Australia.

Thus, an internal, implanted microchip for identification of humans is already a reality.

Also, IBM researchers are reportedly working on personal area network technology (PAN) to transfer data stored in a human implant.

A broader use would be as a sort of national identification card, based upon the identifying number carried on the microchip.

However, there are objections to the use of any numbering system for nationwide identification.

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