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(The discussion of control comes next week, so we’ll talk more about that then).For now, it’s simply about deciding how documented information will be created and included.I am running Raspbian and the latest version in the repos seems to be 2.52, which has a few bugs (up and download arrows not being shown, among other things).I am running my Pi as a energy efficient headless torrenting server with a smb share. If you're suffering from outdated apps, you could try Arch, which is a bleeding-edge distro.No worries, who EVER tried to proactively get a new procedure or document added (that wasn’t directly responsible for the quality management system)?But with the introduction of the shared drive, all sorts of stuff got dumped in there – forms, handbills, “homemade” procedures (duplicating the controlled ones) – none of which included the standard quality document characteristics like dates, revision numbers, etc.The standard includes the following simple requirement: “When creating and updating documented information the organization shall ensure appropriate: a) identification and description (e.g.

Most all organizations other forms of media in their daily operations, communications, training, etc, but do not consider them “documented information” and therefore do not manage them the same as their other documentation.In addition to the exciting rematch, tens of millions of people will be tuning in to see what commercials companies decided were worth spending millions of dollars to run.In recent years, companies have released teasers for their upcoming commercials or post some of their advertisements online, saving one or two to be aired during the Super Bowl exclusively.Now back to the less obvious point here – what else may be considered a document, and therefore be subject to these requirements? Does it apply to the types of media in use in your organization (or have some things been missed or not yet captured)? Has that been communicated within your organization?Do you use videos, audio, web-based training or instructions? Look for other types of documents you may not have previously considered “documents” per se. Make any adjustments you feel necessary to improving this part of your quality management system.

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