Updating software on the razr v3 365 dating

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The me version of the files shows the Motorola modem as being a “Motorola 830 Family IR Modem”. I have written an explanation here which might be easier to understand.

All that is required is Windows XP and a mini-USB cable for connecting to the computer.It will however resetcertain things (like email settings back to default, but the user id /password / server values and such that you've entered, if any, wouldnot need to be typed back in - they are still on the phone tied to the Custom or whatever provider you've specified, so you just need toselect it.** Now for the items that were not applicable:- No you do not need the world's most expensive USB cable that comeswith the mobile Phone Tools software.There's nothing unusual abuot thatcable and any functional one will work with the sftware and phoneexactly the same in every regard.- Yest it does work with USB hubs, incl.Archived from groups: alt.cellular.motorola (More info? )I used to have significant difficulty getting Motorola Razr V3 mobilephone to work with mobile Phone Tools (version 3 software).A friendlyand candid Motorola tech has helped me to get going.

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