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The removal of the receipts database is particularly problematic for software installation management tools like Munki and Simian, as they leverage the information in the receipts database to determine which software has been installed (or not installed) on a particular Mac.Other system management tools that leverage the receipts database may be affected by this issue as well.Since I upgraded to 10.5.7 I can't eject the card no matter whether I use the Finder Menu, using Disk Utility or cmd e. ""Since upgrading to 10.5.7 I cannot open any small movie files taken digital camera and stored in IPhoto. Says it's file a warning message comes up in Quicktime saying; "The movie file can not be opened, a necessary data reference could not be resolved." Possible fix Try dragging the offending movies to the desktop. Dragging the window around the desktop increases the blotches.It happens in multiple applications, and the blotches often will show up on the desktop. 20" i Mac with ATI x1600 radeon chipset, Intel core duo processor.""There are several web sites that recommend increasing the bundle sizes of OSX sparsebundles used for Time Machine backups. Unfortunately, support for this disappeared in 10.5.7, leaving me, at least, without backup capabilities.

Again, you don't have to worry about figuring out which kind of update is best for you, just let Software Update preferences do the work.

My only choice seems to be deleting months of backups and starting over, with significantly slower backups, (several hours per backup vs. " "Upgraded to 10.5.7 on my unibody MBP (two months old).

10 minutes).""After updating to 10.5.7 my i Mac starts up for itself automatically from sleep mode after aprx. If it goes to sleep mode automatically or I select it from the menu, it´s the same. i Photo Libraries open but the photos will not display. System locks up when multiple windows open wether or not internet is used.

The update and install worked perfect, and I haven´t got any errors. I have tried a different wireless system with same results also with different browsers.

Everything works perfect.""After running the 10.5.7 update... Also locks when not on the internet but with multiple applications open.

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