Updating kde suse

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Below that, you'll see a field where you can manually enter an update location (for now leave this alone), it should currently show the URL of the update location you selected above.

You can also add a "New Server" or "Edit Server", again, for now, leave these alone.

There is a lot of new features in KDE Plasma 5, here’s a list of the most important new features.

On January 31 2017, the makers of KDE released yet another Plasma feature update, Plasma 5.9.

That’s all, once Plasma 5.9 is packaged in the official repositories and ready for installation, we will bring you the necessary instructions for the different distributions, until then, stay connected to Tecmint.

In case of any queries or additional information you want to provide to us, you can use the comment section below to give us a feedback. Please post your thoughts about KDE desktop using our comment section below. S enthusiast, an upcoming Linux Sys Admin, web developer, and currently a content creator for Tec Mint who loves working with computers and strongly believes in sharing knowledge.

If it is a patch to existing software such as a kernel update you will see a "swirl" icon signifying an update.

If you elect not to download this update, you would just click on the box until it displayed the check.

It is not necessary to download all available patches.Updating installed software (also often called "packages") for SUSE is made about as simple as Linux can make it through Ya ST.The section of Ya ST that handles online updates is called "YOU". You are presented with some options, under "Installation Source", select a mirror that is geographically close to you.Don't let that scare you if you have a different version of SUSE, it is safe to assume that while the specifics found in these instructions will vary between versions of SUSE, the general idea will remain the same.I am currently using multiple versions of SUSE and I go through this site often to mention any version-specific points.

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