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No one will get their PIP award reduced because of this.What will happen if I claimed PIP before 28 November 2016? But if you did not get the mobility component or only got the standard rate you could think about making a new claim.What will happen if I claimed PIP on or after 28 November 2016?If you get the enhanced mobility component of PIP, you are already getting the highest component and nothing will change.She will be absent from work until she is fully recovered and her doctor gives her permission to return.

She was recently indicted on charges of theft and conspiracy. Usually the main motivation for faking an illness is to gain sympathy.

Please be prepared to receive her overflow, so we can avoid becoming too backed up in her absence.

As you may know, John was hospitalized over the weekend for minor surgery to correct painful bone spurs.

She wrote blogs and Facebook notes, updating everyone on her treatment and progress.

The 37-year-old mother of two received more than an outpouring of support and get-well cards; she also got money to help pay for her treatments and fulfill her dying wishes. Police investigated her claims and soon her story unraveled when the hospitals she claimed to have visited had no record of her.

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