Updating exterior of brick fireplace

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Do you ever think about painting a brick fireplace?One of my recent clients had a brick fireplace that dated from the early 1960s.Never would have thought up this technique in a million years.

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Considering using brick as an interior flooring choice? Love love love this amazing fireplace makeover using concrete!

Since brick seems to be something that so many of us want to love, but tend to loathe in our homes, we decided to round up the best techniques and tutorials we could find to help you give your own brick a much-needed makeover!

This tutorial by my friend Jennifer shows a whitewash technique (which provides less coverage than typical painting so that more of your brick shows through) using chalk paint.

If you want some exterior inspiration, check out this makeover.

Not only does she update her exterior brick, she adds a brick sidewalk using a specific type of brick product.

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