Updating excel 2016 data labels

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A date axis displays dates in chronological order at set intervals or base units, such as the number of days, months, or years, even if the dates on the Excel sheet are not in sequential order or in the same base units.

By default, Office uses the smallest difference between any two dates in the data to determine the base units for the date axis.

To learn more about how to format cells as dates, see Display dates, times, currency, fractions, or percentages.

You can also change the axis labels on the horizontal (category) axis.

For each of the series boxes, you can click the Collapse Dialog button , at the right end of the Series name or Series values box, and then select the range that you want to use for the table on the worksheet.

After you create a chart, you might have to change its source data on the worksheet.

To incorporate these changes in the chart, Microsoft Excel provides various ways to update a chart.

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