Updating destination list has failed

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In their defence it wasn't the IT guy who set it up from new the other IT guy has left the company.

After adding or updating a Pronto Forms Data Destination, it is important to test it thoroughly before using it in production.

Salesforce has validation set on many of their fields -- an email field will only accept a correctly formatted email, and an integer field will only accept numbers.

If data pushed to Salesforce doesn't match the validation, no record will be created in Salesforce.

Executions (one per destination per data record) are listed in the web administration portal for 45 days, the same period that data records are retained.

The web portal offers several ways to view the details of a data destination execution, making it easy to determine if filters, connections, and other options are configured correctly.

In the Destination Basics tab, toggle Activate destination to receive data records at this location to enable or disable the data destination.

[ top ] Ensure that any filtering that is configured functions correctly, and the destination only executes when you want it to.

For example, if %u[name] is entered in the field, the sample text should list a "sample" username -- if it doesn't, something has been mis-entered.

Save yourself production errors and delays by testing your destinations before deploying to your users.

A connection that is not functional will cause data destination executions to fail.

I also tried doing it with the browser with the same results.

Also tried updating manually but the screen just says please wait.

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