Updating dat files

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It seems that this was working prior to the upgrade though so I'd like to think there is some option or procedure in EPO to communicate via IP or FQDN instead of directly by hostname. I am pretty certain that the number of active systems in my environment is closer to 250-300.

Is there a way to find the systems that no longer exist so that I can both update my EPO and subsquently, remove those computers from my ADUC?

You can also trap machines that are turned off at that time, by enabling "run missed task immediately" Cheers Si Thank you for the walkthrough, I am having some issues with the link on Mc Afee's site so unfortunately for now, I'm stuck with 3.6 until I can get ahold of someone from technical support to provide me with a link that works. When I try to sync up with AD to discover all my system it is shown discovering the systems in my server subnet.For the AD Sync Task (which will sync your whole AD), you need to create a new Group, call it something like "My Company" (obviously not that !) and then click on the Systems Tab and choose Create Group, then once that's done, click on the Group tab and choose Synchronisation and click Edit next to Sync Type Once you've created the Sync with the various settings you want, you will then need to create a Server Task to run the AD Sync.Hey all, I have been helping out with a Mc Afee Epo server for over a year now...I wanted to get some feed back on when you guys update your agents dat files (when and how often).

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