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Filter by selector name, search in a specific media section of the file, includes a color mixer and a background viewer with visualization of base64 encoded files.

The new version of the plugin can handle many css files at same time, extract a list of unique css ids and clases for insert in HTML/PHP files and the button labels and captions are internationalized, contribute to the Project translating the files.

A number of plugins listed here are in the Npp Plugins project, so that they have dedicated forums.

You can also monitor Plugin Development forum for news and provide feedback there as well.

The change indicator is either a bar in the left margin or a specific highlighting. This plugin is similar to the NPP built in Clipboard History, but allows editing of clips in history and ordering of clips. Further it makes your code so much readable, by not aligning, it's like opening up a CSV file in notepad. Updated UNICODE clone of the original ANSI Colour Picker by Don Rowlett, allowing modification and creation of source code color values.Plugin also can convert query results into HTML table, which is also useful for website publishing.Css list plugin for Notepad , list the css selectors from a css file and go to the properties selector.Such status may always change upon accurate user feedback.Plugins By Category attempts to assign each of the existing plugins to a broad domain.

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