Updating cell phone software

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Hopefully this guide will help answer some frequently asked questions and I’ll add to it as new ones crop up.There are really only two main problems with spy software: the software itself and the user!You probably won’t be surprised to hear that in my experience the most common problems stem from the user – installation and set-up errors being the top ones. Some of the spy software programs on offer are just not fit for sale – they are little more than scams, so you need to be careful what you buy in the first place.

I have experienced a couple of problems myself but I get quite a few emails asking basically the same group of questions.

Make sure you know what features your product actually supports for your type of cell phone.

So many people complain about features not working that are not actually included in the software package they have paid for.

Add to this the fact that these are very dynamic websites – constantly updating data, large numbers of people logging on and off simultaneously – they are not just showing standard web pages like most information type websites.

Obviously, any downtime can be frustrating but expect it to happen at some point.

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