Updating asus bios wothout floppy

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Typically the utility runs some of the BIOS flash process in Windows, then restart your computer and run the remainder of the flash process when the computer starts up, within DOS mode.If no Windows BIOS utility is available, create a bootable CD and copy the BIOS flash utility files to the CD.Many CD-Writers have this capability, as do the CD creation software programs.The best way to find out is to either check documentation for your CD-Writer or just try creating a bootable CD and see if it works.The exact steps to do this vary depending on your BIOS – to get a detailed description of the process, search for your motherboard’s manual (or your laptop’s manual if you’re working with a laptop). Previously, we burned a CD with PLo P Boot Manager on it, so we will select the CD-ROM Drive option and hit Enter.

In most cases, there is a function key that displays a list of bootable devices your computer can use to boot.

In many cases, especially with floppy disks, this is done by default.

If the CD or floppy drive is not set to boot first, then you will need to access your BIOS’s boot menu, or the setup menu.

F10 and F12 are common hotkeys for displaying this bootable device list.

Select the CD drive and see if the computer will boot to the CD and load the BIOS flash utility.

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