Updating an older bathroom

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Another element that helps mitigate the tile colour is artwork. Usually there’s space for only one or two pieces in a smaller bathroom, so focus on pulling in the tile colour as a minor colour.

This means the rest of the art can be something you love and can feature more of your favourite colours, but with just that touch of teal, pink, peach or whatever’s in your vintage bathroom, the art will still connect with the space.

Frame the mirror using solid wood or a frame painted in a bold color.

Measure the mirror before purchasing the frame elements.

An English degree from the University of Maryland and extensive travels and relocations to other countries have added to her decorating insight.

Apply a coat of either oil-based or water-based paint.

Border the mirror with solid color wallpaper, creating a frame as well as a separation between the two elements.

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Rollers provide the best way to apply the paint on a large surface area of ceramic tile.

Add dimension by selecting decorative wood planks or use a muted shade in a simple pattern for tranquility.

Use baseboard or crown molding materials, which you can buy at a building or hardware store, or purchase the materials from a frame shop.

If you’re dealing with a coloured tub, consider having it resurfaced.

You can paint the walls and medicine cabinet white and let the tile colour – whatever it may be – speak for itself.

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