Updating a dated kitchen cabnets

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Choose a color that complements the other elements in the room and get ready to go from "ow" to "wow!" Check out the next picture to see just how amazing this low-cost solution can look.This kitchen could be Anywhere, USA, and might remind you of yours.Let's say you have a bigger budget and it's time for some changes, but new cabinets aren't one of them.These kitchen cabinets are hopefully in worse shape than yours, but they're not that uncommon.If you like the style of your existing cabinets, they're still functioning well or new ones aren't in the budget right now, paint is your friend here.

New molding along the top of the stock cabinets and N-HANCE® wood renewal in blue make the entire kitchen look unique, bright and white, even though the countertops and walls didn't change.This kitchen's beige/whitewashed cabinet color makes the white countertops and walls look dull.That isn't what anyone wants in a space that should be clean and fresh for cooking and eating.Take the time to sand the surfaces until smooth, caulk as needed and try using pieces of a brown paper bag to "sand" between coats.It smooths and knocks down the high spots without dulling/removing as much paint as sandpaper so you don't have to be quite so careful.

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