University of alabama interracial dating

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"She justifies it as a way to preserve our culture, but I'm American-born and I don't agree.But I do admit that I date Filipino men to make things a little easier."Even my own parents, as progressive as hippies from California get, surprised me when they expressed to my fiancé and I, a month before our wedding, that they had reservations about us getting married.The miscegenation of our society may seem to be growing at a steady rate based on how often we've been talking about race lately. Interracial relationships represent approximately seven percent of couples in the country, which is incredible progress considering they represented just .07 percent in 1960.But for our ever-diversifying nation, these are alarmingly low figures.Interestingly, teen networks like The N and ABC Family are quite progressive in showing boys and girls of all different colors holding hands and developing crushes.

Even when there's the chance for a legitimate interracial relationship, scripts are shifted to keep things "safe." The biggest no-no seems to be black/white pairings.Adults looking for new relationships, however, were less likely to settle with someone of a different race. The younger a person is, the more genuinely accepting they are of others.The older we get, the more we've been influenced by our society, so it's just "easier" to stick to your own kind.It's racism, pure and simple," says Charles Taylor, in an article about the lack of such relationships in pop culture."Perhaps these attitudes are sometimes connected to an executive's fear that audiences will be turned off by the sight of black and white together, but a decision that bows to racism must bear the mark of racism itself."If liberal Hollywood can't embrace the image of interracial love, what are the odds the Deep South will?

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