Unique dating idea dating vereeniging age 17

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If neither of you have ever used roller blades before, consider getting a short lesson.

You can skate together through a park and “accidentally” end up in a quiet romantic spot to be alone.

You don’t have to buy something to attend, and the excitement of the bidding could easily spill over into your romantic life.

Pretend you have a budget of ,000 and see which of the two of you can make the best deal. Go Big Dinner and a movie is a pathetic date choice because it is so small.

Even if you go to a fancy restaurant and head to a movie premiere, you’re still just having dinner and a movie.

SCUBA diving, sky-diving, anything adventurous fits well into the “Go Big” category.

On a side note, the whole “Going Big” phenomenon really works best if you don’t prepare your date for it.

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